Remediation of Spills Impacting Soils or Property

Companies accredited under this Category are capable of investigating and remediating soils and building structures which have become contaminated as a result of a recent spillage event. Remediation of contaminated soils and property can be achieved through a variety of techniques including physical removal or treatment of contamination. Accredited companies will be able to determine the most effective approach. Each company and each response location within that company will have varying capabilities. Capabilities at each response location are verified by our ISAS Assessor, looking at staff training, experience and equipment available. Core capabilities must be delivered by in-house resource, where support services such as drilling rigs are required the company will need to demonstrate it either has in-house capability or arrangements in place for the sourcing of these services.

Category 4 – Accredited Capabilities

Capability to design and execute investigation of soils and property contamination resulting from a spill
Capability to drill boreholes and create wells for groundwater investigation, remediation and monitoring purposes
Capability to remediate contaminated soils and property
Capability to validate remedial actions (soil & air)