As a potential customer we believe it is important that you understand what ISAS Accreditation means and the accredited services that our members provide. ISAS Accreditation is a badge of recognition representing, quality, standards, capability and safety

Through its accreditation scheme, ISAS aims to set, maintain, measure and raise standards within the spill response industry. We develop best practice and disseminate technical guidance to our accredited members. ISAS is an independent accreditation organisation recognised and supported by the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, The Scottish Environment Protection Agency, The Environmental Protection Agency (Ireland) and the Maritime & Coastguard Agency.

By selecting an ISAS accredited spill responder or consultant you can be confident that they have been assessed by ISAS to be competent and have in place the necessary insurances, robust health & safety procedures, trained personnel, expertise in their field and equipment and resources to support their stated capabilities.

The ISAS accreditation scheme covers a range of spill response and remediation activities across inland, shoreline and marine environments. For easy screening and selection of a responder to meet your requirements we have developed the following Accreditation Categories which set out member services and capabilities:

Accreditation Categories

Spill Responder – Spills onto hardstanding (internal/external), in drainage systems and held in bunds or interceptors

Spill Responder – Inland Surface Waters

Remediation of Spills Impacting Groundwater

Remediation of Spills Impacting Soils or Property

Tanker Rollover/Product Uplift

HazMat Spill Responder

Marine Spills

Spill Consultancy/Management Services

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